Fire Hoses Are Used For More Than Putting Out Fires

Fire Hoses Are Used For More Than Putting Out Fires

I (Brooks), have been looking for a new wallet for quite some time, just no luck in finding the right one.

For years, I have carried a credit card wallet.  Which, is a very slim style of wallet, made for your front pocket to carry your cards and some cash.  But after years of cash not staying in the wallet the right way, I was fed up and began the search for the right wallet.

To change the topic real quick…  My fiances father is a retired firefighter and around Christmas time I was trying to find him a gift.  I came across this company called “Recycled Firefighter.”  It’s a company, owned by a retired firefighter, named Jake and he repurposes decommissioned fire hose from all over the country.  His first product he ever made was a wallet called “The Sergeant.”  He got into repurposing these hoses because he wasn’t making enough money at the fire department, so he needed extra income.  As Jake was starting his new career and getting his schedule down, 10 days working, 20 days off each month, he realized he could pick up a second income.  That’s when repurposing fire hoses came to mind.

After over 200 failed products and 6 months of fine tuning he finally created “The Sergeant.”  He quickly learned how to use a sewing machine and got to work.  Within the first  2 years he single handedly made over 20,000 wallets.  Since then, he has expanded his products into makes bags, belts and many more.

After finally reading up on this company I thought I would give them a shot, so I bought a wallet.  I just received it this week and so far, so good.  I wanted to buy a product first for myself to see the quality.  Now that I have it’s time to get my fiances father a gift.

This isn’t an ad, Recycled Firefighter isn’t paying me.  I just wanted to share and amazing product from a small business owner that is just trying to support his family.

So, if you have a firefighter in your life, this will make a great gift for them.