It Pays To Be A Kid In 2021, Tooth Fairy Payouts Go Up

It Pays To Be A Kid In 2021, Tooth Fairy Payouts Go Up

When I (Chris Brooks) was a kid, I remember getting money from the tooth fairy for losing a tooth.  Losing a tooth was a scary and fun experience all at the same time.  Scary, because your teeth are falling out your mouth.  Fun, because you would get money for it and it knew you were growing up.

I am 31 years old…  So, when my baby teeth were falling out it was the 90s.  We were getting about a dollar or two per tooth.  It all depended on the tooth and how old I was.  In 2021, kids are getting paid pretty well for a tooth from the Tooth Fairy. The national average is $4.70.

Delta Dental has been tracking the Tooth Fairy since 1998, when the average price for a tooth was $1.30.  2021 saw the biggest increase from the year before with a 67 cent rise in price per tooth.  Kids in the Northeast are getting paid the best at $5.72 per tooth. Out West, kids are getting $5.54 per tooth.  Down here in the south, kids are getting $4.45 per tooth.  Then, in the good ole Midwest where I am from, kids are getting the lowest amount per tooth at $3.66.

So, if you see a person on the side of the road selling lemonade with some wings on their back and wearing a skirt, don’t mind the Tooth Fairy, they are just trying to raise some money to pay for your kids teeth.

The real question isn’t, where does the Tooth Fairy get all its money…  The real question is, what does the Tooth Fairy do with all those teeth?

I got a few bills I need to pay off and a few extra teeth I don’t use.  I know what I will be doing later, “Honey, get me the hammer and chisel.”