North Carolina Estuarium, Washington NC

North Carolina Estuarium, Washington NC

Although this past weekend was somewhat chilly, it was still sunny and a great time to visit The North Carolina Estuarium in Washington. It is a wonderful experience for adults and children alike as my family discovered this weekend!

Educational Director Russ Chesson helped provide a learning experience for first-timers like us at the estuarium. He also provided a short video of what it was about, or so he thought. Turns out my camera decided to switch itself back to photo setting prior to our recording; thus, only before-and-after pictures of Russ’ estuarium description were provided. Oh well…
Thankfully, he gave me a short description (below) of the purpose of the estuarium that will benefit those who are going for their first visit or those who have been there previously. The Covid Schedule (Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 2pm) will likely run through March while the weather warms up. Following that, longer hours and activities will be available!
The North Carolina Estuarium – where the river meet the sea! EStuaries are formed where fresh water and salt water mix together. They are vital ecosystems for many reasons, including the fact that over 90% of the seafood species caught by North Carolina’s fisherman – such as blue crab, flounder, and shrimp – spend at least part of the lives in estuaries.
Thousands of square miles of estuaries lie inside North Carolina’s barrier island shoreline. Our state holds more estuarine waters than any other state on the East Coast. The North Carolina Estuarium celebrates these special ecosystems and what they mean to life here in the “soundlands.”

Estuarium Features
– Over 200 exhibits
– Unique environmental artworks
– Captivating audio-visual presentations
– Historic artifacts and boats
– The Crab Pot Gift Shop
– Environmental Education staff
– Pre-visit materials and special programs available for groups

The North Carolina Estuarium
223 East Water Street
Downtown Washington, NC