Enjoy The Sunshine! And The Rain!

Enjoy The Sunshine!  And The Rain!

Shutterstock: Photo Credit: Evgeny Atamanenko


What a beautiful day we had yesterday in ENC.  Temps in the 70’s made me yearn to go crabbing.  Or walk on the beach.  And though it’s chilly today, the sun is amazing!

Tomorrow, a different story.  A big chance of MORE RAIN!  Like we haven’t had enough in ENC the past couple of weeks.  My yard is a mud pit.  I could adopt some pet pigs and they’d be happy as…well…pigs in mud!  I could make mud pies for everyone in my town.  I could build a Mud Hut in my backyard.  I have a pond and I’m pretty sure it’s sprouting tadpoles.  OK, I kid.  But all of that made my Mom laugh!

I can, however, feel perfectly not guilty about not doing anything “every day productive” on a rainy day or night.  I can binge American Horror Story on Netflix.  Play that completely addictive game Match 3D for hours.  Read a book.  Write in a journal.  Bake cookies for my neighbor.  Call my Mom.

And, I can play in the rain and not care one bit about getting wet or muddy or depressed or miserable because every day should be enjoyed.  Right?

Remember back when we didn’t think twice about a splash in a puddle?  Don’t think twice tomorrow.  Bake some cookies for a neighbor and splash on over to drop ’em off!