Stress-Relief Crafting!

Stress-Relief Crafting!

My son and his girlfriend carried on and on about how I HAD to watch Dexter.  If you’ve ever watched it, you may remember the “Ice Truck Killer”.  Do you remember the Barbie Doll head he left on Dexter’s refrigerator?  That inspired my latest “stress-relief” craft!

Now, the kids who watched Dexter, and carried on about how I HAD to watch it, are FREAKED out about my beautiful creations!  No, I don’t need therapy!

And no I’m not destroying beautiful dolls!  They were beat up, broken, discarded dolls who are now glammed up beautiful and live happily on any metal surface!  And I find them in my “treasure hunts” at thrift shops!  As a matter of fact, the amazing Elaine who runs Grifton Mission Ministries, with her husband Billy, saved a giant bag of them for me!  I love Grifton Mission Ministries Yard Sale!  It’s CRAZY amazing and you’ll find anything from doors and windows to kitchen appliances to jewelry to clothes to…well…TREASURES!  Open Wednesdays and Saturdays…the proceeds benefit the Ministries missions to serve our communities in many, many ways!

Want to create your own piece of refrigerator art?  Find a discarded Barbie, take that head off and cut the hair to a manageable length.  Then just use Tacky Glue to style it any way you please.  Let it dry.  Paint your hair your favorite colors with acrylic paint.  Let it dry.  Super Glue a magnet to the back of the head!  ENJOY!

What are you crafting these days?  I’d love ideas!  E-mail me!