Seriously! Get Paid To SLEEP!

Seriously!  Get Paid To SLEEP!

I probably shouldn’t be sharing this with anyone, because I want this job!  But, it’s GOLD, so I have to share!

Sleep Junkie is paying a real-life Sleeping Beauty to…SLEEP!  Well, to become their official mattress tester and provide honest feedback!  They’ll send out three mattresses over a 2 month period and Sleeping Beauty’s job will be to test and evaluate each one after sleeping on them!  Sleeping Beauty gets THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS and they’ll also be able to select their favorite mattress worth up to $1,500!

Alright.  Imagine getting THREE GRAND to SLEEP!  This is my gig!  Sure, I’m the girl who likes to stay up late, but I’m also the girl who loves to sleep!  My alarm gets turned off on the weekends and I have no guilt for sleeping in until 9am!  And frankly, I NEED a new mattress.  AND, who can resist a nice paycheck for doing absolutely nothing but sleeping.  And dreaming.  I’m daydreaming of the coolest gig for 2021 right now!  I wonder if it’s OK if I read in bed if I get the gig.

Think you could be a real-life Sleeping Beauty?  Check out the requirements and apply here