Missed Connections – 12/21/20

Missed Connections – 12/21/20

If any of these descriptions are describing you, please let us know either by messaging us on Facebook @V1033Music or email Brooks @ chris@v1033.com…  Let us help make that connection.

Woman in shoe store (Greenville)

We were both shopping at 264 shoes. You were wearing a leopard blouse, black mask, and ear rings that looked like gold leaves. We made eye contact several times. I would like a chance to chat with you.

Post office line (Winterville)

Saw you in line during the pre-holiday rush at the post office.
You had someone with you who was a bit “shy”.
Didn’t realize until later you couldn’t see me smile at you through my mask…
Wanted to chat with you more, but wasn’t sure what to say.
If you’re interested in grabbing a cup of coffee sometime, let me know…

Bank Teller in Red

You were wearing Red under that mask last week. Boots too.
No ring on, helped with a $ bond at a bank in Washington.
I’d definitely like to see you again if you’d like to play banker. 😉