Missed Connections – 12/14/20

Missed Connections – 12/14/20

If any of these descriptions are describing you, please let us know either by messaging us on Facebook @V1033Music or email Brooks @ chris@v1033.com…  Let us help make that connection.

Waffle house near yopp (Yopp)

You were sitting at the low bar! The servers were cutting up, your smile is gorgeous! Id love to have coffee sometime . If you see this email me what the servers were cutting up about . There was only 3 of in the restaurant! About 530 am on Tuesday!

Walmart 12/11 Toothpaste Aisle

You’re about 5’3, thin, dark haired brunette with long wavy hair, wearing a black mask, a red top and black leggings. I’m 6’0, shoulder length beach hair, was wearing a flannel, khaki jeans, and not wearing a mask. You walked past and made it pretty obvious you were looking.. I kept shopping and came around the corner, but you had already disappeared. I MUST meet you on different terms, dinner or a night out?

Ginger at Tractor Supply Co (Greenville)

Sunday the 6th was my weekend home here in Greenville and dad needed my help to pick up some stuff from Tractor Supply because my brother was no where to be found! However this past Sun I’m sorta glad I did. When we came in store there you were, a really cute guy with red hair who’s name started with a J. I really noticed you and if it wasn’t for the stupid mask you would have saw me smiling!