Missed Connections – 11/09/20

Missed Connections – 11/09/20

If any of these descriptions are describing you, please let us know either by messaging us on Facebook @V1033Music or email Brooks @ chris@v1033.com…  Let us help make that connection.

Jacksonville to Charlotte flight

On 11/1 we sat next to each other on an AA flight from OAJ to CLT on your way to Tampa, both coming back from trips visiting family. I thought we had a nice conversation and you seemed really interesting (and handsome!), but I was too awkward to offer my number or even my name. Respond with who you were traveling with and why!

Walmart Worker (N. Marine Blvd)

You work at the Walmart on N. Marine Blvd. You’re absolutely beautiful, short, and inked up and I could have sworn we were checking each other out. I’d love to hear from you!

Wal-Mart Vacuum Shopping

You were shopping for a vacuum and on speaker phone. Let’s make that vacuum purchase happen. 😉

If this was you, tell me what team hoodie you had on and let’s chat “off the record” lol sounded like a boyfriend you were on the phone with.