Trunk Or Treat In Newport (Recap) 10/30/20

Trunk Or Treat In Newport (Recap) 10/30/20

Thank you to the Carteret County Parks & Rec for putting on an amazing Trunk Or Treat at Fort Benjamin Park, Friday night.

Trunk Or Treats have been a growing trend for years now.  How it usually works, a group of people come together, find a parking lot, then everyone brings their vehicles, decorate them and pass out candy from your trunk.  Usually there is games, door prizes, snacks and more.  With 2020 being as crazy as it has been, Trunk Or Treats are huge this year.

I (Chris Brooks) made my way to Fort Benjamin Friday night with my fiance, daughter and a whole lot of candy.  The event was from 4:30 to 6:30pm and it was an absolute blast.  During that 2 hours we probably served 400-500 kids.  The costumes were great, everyone’s attitude was even better.  Everyone was so thankful as well which was nice.  If you missed out, I am sorry and sad we missed you.  For those that did make it out, thank you and it was a pleasure meeting you.

If you didn’t get to come, make sure to make arrangements next year.

PS: Any candy you don’t want I would be glad to take.