Missed Connections – 10/05/20

Missed Connections – 10/05/20

If any of these descriptions are describing you, please let us know either by messaging us on Facebook @V1033Music or email Brooks @ chris@v1033.com…  Let us help make that connection.

Guy at food lion (Jacksonville)

You were the guy who came in after me and left in front of me at food lion beside Home Depot Today around lunchtime. You were wearing a hat and jeans and I think you left in a truck. I thought you were very handsome and thought you should know. I was the blonde dressed in black.

White Subaru Outback blondie

I ended up rolling past you at the stop light in front of the air station and shot a smile your way. Always attracted to a lady that has good taste in vehicles. Anyway, we stayed close to each other all the way to the TT gate getting stopped at a couple lights side by side. I’d love to treat you to coffee sometime. What was I driving?

The girl on Emerald Isle (Emerald Isle)

You were a gorgeous woman walking your dogs when I drove by in my work van. I stopped to allow you to get them out of the road. You started doing stretches in the road as I watched in my rear view mirror. I feel like you were interested but wasn’t sure. Please reply to this if you see it! Looking for you today.