Useless Facts – 9/30/20

Useless Facts – 9/30/20


Every morning around 8:15am Brooks gives you one minute of Useless Facts to impress your friends with…

  • There are currently 35 active national emergencies in the U.S., with one going all the way back to 1979.
  • Only one NFL player weighed over 300 pounds in 1970.  By 2010, there were over 500 players at NFL training camps who weighed over 300.
  • The technical term for the rumbling in your stomach is “borborygmus.”  (That’s pronounced bore-buh-RIG-mus.)
  • Bob Marley gave a songwriting credit on “No Woman, No Cry” to a man named Vincent Ford, who ran a soup kitchen in Jamaica.  It was his way of making sure it would be funded forever.
  • By age 70, your body has shed 105 pounds of skin.