Useless Facts – 10/02/20

Useless Facts – 10/02/20


Every morning around 8:15am Brooks gives you one minute of Useless Facts to impress your friends with…

  • A kangaroo word is one that contains all the letters of a synonym. Like the word “chicken” has all the letters for the word “hen” inside it, or “masculine” contains the word “male.”
  • The first Got Milk ad was directed by Michael Bay. A history expert has to answer “Who shot Alexander Hamilton?” to win a radio contest, but he can’t say Aaron Burr because he’s been eating peanut butter and needs milk.
  • In the “X-Men” movie in 2000, the mansion where Professor Xavier lived and trained his mutant students is the same mansion where they filmed “Billy Madison”. It’s called Parkwood Estate, and it’s just outside Toronto.
  • The word “whiskey” comes from a Gaelic phrase that translates to “water of life.”
  •  In 1893, a Congressman proposed a Constitutional amendment that would rename the country to the “United States of Earth.” Obviously, it didn’t pass.