Useless Facts – 10/01/20

Useless Facts – 10/01/20


Every morning around 8:15am Brooks gives you one minute of Useless Facts to impress your friends with…

  • Approximately 430 quintillion joules of energy from the Sun hit the Earth every hour. That’s more than the total energy everyone on the planet uses in a year.
  • The NBA didn’t start using the three-point line until the 1979-1980 season . . . and it wasn’t used universally in college basketball or in the NCAA tournament until the 1986-1987 season.
  • ┬áThe world’s shortest commercial flight is between two islands in northern Scotland. The flight is 1.7 miles and the official time is two minutes . . . but it takes closer to 47 seconds.
  • Beverly Hills was named after Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. That was named after Beverley, Yorkshire, England. And that town was named in 700 A.D. because of a colony of beavers. So Beverly Hills is named after medieval English beavers.
  • Pablo Escobar was on the first “Forbes” billionaires list in 1987 thanks to the $3 billion he’d made from his cocaine empire. He also made the list for the next seven years . . . right up until he was killed in 1993.