V103.3’s Be Kind Intiative – Peace Counseling Ceneter

V103.3’s Be Kind Intiative – Peace Counseling Ceneter


This week, I (Chris Brooks), visited the Peace Counseling Center in New Bern.

At first, I went there because I heard they were collecting items to help out Louisiana because they were just hit with a hurricane.  After meeting Jayson and learning about the actual center, I left there realizing how great this place is for the community.

They help out the community in so many ways.  Either with counseling, food, places to stay, tutoring for kids, you name it they will find a way to help you.

Peace Counseling opened up during Hurricane Florence in 2018, it was bad and good that they opened during that time.  They were able to get the building together properly, then once they did they served as a place for supplies and where people could come and get help.  With either food, shelter or clothes.

Monday through Friday they are open 9am – 5pm and welcome anyone to come and check it out.

They are on Facebook keeping you about to date with their events and activities.

If you need someone to talk to or you’re going through a tough time, call these folks you won’t be disappointed.