Brooks Went Surfing. Now You Can Too

Brooks Went Surfing. Now You Can Too


I (Brooks) went surfing yesterday in Surf City at Surf City Surfing School.  I was accompanied by our sales team from Jacksonville who hooked up this fun day at the beach.

If you have never been surfing before then I suggest going to see these folks.  They are very knowledgeable, safe, and fun to be around.  Myself and Brittany (Sales Team In Jacksonville) shredded for an hour.  Before we got in the water the instructors taught us the basics of surfing, how to keep balance, ride a wave, etc…  After about 15 minutes of on-shore training we were ready to hit the waves and “SHRED” as they called it.

We get in the water and as soon as I sat on the board, I fell, of course I did with a beach packed full of people.  Then I got back on and rode my first wave.  It was one of the coolest feelings in the world.  Over the next 45 minutes I rode several waves, fell several times but had fun and that’s all that matter.  The instructors were very encouraging and determined for us to ride as many waves as we could.

If you are looking to do surfing lessons, Surf City Surf School is the place to go.  They have daily surf lessons, private lessons, and if you already know how to surf but you need to borrow a board, they can do that for you as well.

One thing though, if you do go surfing don’t forget to throw up a SHAKA when you are done.

The week of August 3rd, I will have a chance for two people to win private lessons at Surf City Surf School.  Listen in the mornings to hear how you can win starting next week.