V103.3’s Be Kind Initiative – L.A.M.B.’s Place

V103.3’s Be Kind Initiative – L.A.M.B.’s Place

It certainly was a pleasure to meet with Lauren Anvelone in Greenville this past Monday morning because she was so excited with what she had to share with V103.3’s Be Kind Initiative. She is the founder of L.A.M.B.’s Place, which supports young men and women who are aging out of the foster care system.

She was exuberant about the organization’s first home for males, for which L.A.M.B.’s Place is now taking applications. Their goal is to end youth homelessness, in which she explained how one in five foster children will end up after their final year in foster homes. According to their website, L.A.M.B.’s Place offers:

– Coming along side these young people and supporting their journey as they grow in their relationship with the Lord and support them as they reach their God given potential and become the next change agents for Christ.

– Affordable/transitional housing for youth 18-25 years old. Their heart is to have a home for males, females, and young mothers/expecting mothers. ‚Äč

– Weekly house meetings to support budgeting skills, communication skills and conflict resolution skills, to include an optional devotion time after the meeting each week.

– Support their development of transitional living skills by linking to community resources. This skill development will support their housing, educational, and employment goals.

– To build relationships with the youth and help them to build their social support system through the Journey Partners mentoring program.

We met for our discussion at this home, which had been recently furnished by local donations and volunteers who assisted in delivering furniture and kitchen supplies. Lauren expressed how their prayers as well as time, talents, and treasures were greatly appreciated and help tremendously in L.A.M.B.’s Place in reaching their goals. Currently, those include finding those who will help pack the pantries for the male home they provide as well as future homes for young ladies. Next year’s ambitions include raising $50,000 in order to support the homes and any events the organization may have and to bring in future staff members who will help influence the former foster children in as many positive ways possible.

Lauren said she would be glad to speak with anyone regarding L.A.M.B.’s Place and that contact information may be found on their website.