V103.3’s Be Kind Initiative – The Kelly Children’s Home

V103.3’s Be Kind Initiative – The Kelly Children’s Home

V103.3 Be Kind Intiative – The Kelly Children’s Home
July 10, 2020
My first couple journeys for the Be Kind Initiative have taken me to places which exist at certain addresses at certain locations – a home, per say, for the non-profit organizations and their daily activities. This week’s adventure took me to a city where, for the time being, there is no such physical location. Right now, it exists in the hearts of those closest to it.

The Kelly Children’s Home came to be in the minds of Alexis and Josh Kelly, who adopted a foster child in 2016. They learned of the need for foster parents in our state and decided to develop in their home county of Beaufort its first children’s group home. This year, their non-profit originated and they found a property in Washington that will soon provide residential group housing to foster kids ages 12-18 and their siblings.

Before that day arrives, however, there are hurdles to be cleared as there are for any beginning organization. The Covid-19 virus caused many grants to be cancelled or delayed. Prior to that, other available properties in which they were interested landed in other hands.

But the Kellys are confident in the property they have found and the building which accompanies it. The solid, two-story structure is in need of renovations but, at this point, no major repairs have been discovered. Even so, if some are needed, Alexis and Josh have a large number of supporters who are eager to assist with whatever help they are able to provide. They are closing in on their financial goal and are receiving assistance from the seller, who has given them extensions until funds can be raised in order to make a complete payment and not have to be concerned about mortgage payments in the future.

There are a number of ways to give to The Kelly Children’s Home to provide for the children the home will assist. Besides taking donations, a number of fundraisers have recently occured and likely more will be announced in the days ahead. There are also ways to make a difference through volunteering, donating needed items, serving as a mentor or room sponsor, or supporting the property fund. More details are available from their Facebook page (facebook.com/thekellychildrenshome) and/or website (thekellychildrenshome.org).

Personally, I was interested in meeting Josh and Alexis to learn more about what motovated them to embark on this challenging and generous endeavor. Listen to V103.3 in the near future as I hope to give updates on the building renovation as well as other ways in which you could help. You may even be able to help a foster child in need, one who has been praying to be able to stay in or near his or her home county.