V103.3’s Be Kind Initiative – Soft Water Solutions

V103.3’s Be Kind Initiative – Soft Water Solutions

Wednesday afternoon, Amy and I (Brooks), went to show some love to our community and one of our wonderful sponsors.  We drove down to Morehead City to see our friends at Soft Water Solutions.

Fortunately, for Soft Water, they have not stopped working even during the pandemic.  As Amy and I visited with the staff and owner we were told how great business has been, also taking over for other companies that did not make it through the pandemic.  While we were there, there wasn’t a work truck in the parking lot because they were all hard at work.  Considering, they cover a large area, from Goldsboro to Ocracoke and even Wilmington to Virginia.

Soft Water Solutions makes sure you have clean water running through your house or business.  As most of your know a lot of towns/areas in ENC have HARD water.  Which can cause many problems to your equipment at home or business.  They will help with not having water spots on your dishes, rust control on your irrigation systems and a whole lot more.

Check out their website today to learn more.  Soft Water Solutions is open and ready to serve you.  Their friendly staff is ready to serve your needs today.