7 O’Clock Brain Lock

7 O’Clock Brain Lock

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08/27/19 –  The average couple will spend 10 minutes a day talking about this. What is it?     Work!

08/26/19 – On any given day, three quarters of school kids will lie to their parents about this.  What?   How much homework they have!

08/23/19 – The #1 way we remember passwords is from memory. This is another of the top ways that people keep up with their passwords. What is it? Post-it notes!

08/22/19 – If you do this today, it will take you an average of 3 minutes and 40 seconds to get through it. What are you doing? Going through a drive-thru!

08/21/19 – In a new survey, almost 70% of women say that skipping this has a worse impact on their day than skipping breakfast.  What is it? A shower!

08/20/19- Only 10% of guys will admit that they cannot do this.  What? Change a tire!

08/19/19-  44% of people have one of these in their car even though it no longer works.  What? Car air freshener!

08/16/19- Less than 20% of men own one of these.  What is it?  A cat!

08/15/19- The average person goes through 800 of these in their lifetime, mostly before the age of 11.  What? Crayons!

08/14/19- 25% of people do this right after buying a car.  What is it? Name it!

08/13/19- 21% of moms say if they were given an extra hour everyday, they would do this.  What? READ!

08/12/19 39% of women say they have cried when their man surprised them by doing this. What is it?  Cleaned the house!

08/09/19- according to the latest research, this is the germiest thing in a woman’s purse.  What? Debit and credit cards!

08/08/19- 21% of us say our favorite teacher taught this subject. What is it? Music!

08/07/19- The average person owns 25 of these.  What? T-shirts

08/06/19- The average woman will unintentionally consume six pounds of this in their lifetime.  What?  Lipstick!

08/05/19- When it’s hot outside, people are twice as likely to do this at their home. What is it?    Order food for delivery

08/02/19-  43% of us don’t know this about ourselves.  What?  Blood type!

08/01/19- On a week vacation, you will spend 4.5 hours on average doing this. What is it?   Nap

07/30/19- The average worker will have about 45,000 of these during their career.  What? Cups of coffee!

07/29/19- 36% of homes have two of these and one of them is at least 5 years old.  What? Vacuum cleaners!

07/26/19- 38% of us have never cleaned this appliance.  What is it? Refrigerator

07/25/19- 88% of us now do this in front of a screen? What is it? Eat

07/24/19- The average parent does this 4 times a week.  The average single person does it once a week.  What? Laundry!

07/23/19-  If you have one of these there’s a 70% chance that you have two.  What? Tattoos!

07/22/19 – 3 out of 10 Americans have never seen one of these in their lives. What is it?   A Star Wars movie!

07/19/19- Wednesday is statistically the day you’re most likely to do this at work. What is it?      Fall Asleep

07/18/19- This is the one thing in your house that gets used more than anything else.  What? TV remote control!

07/17/19- It’s estimated that nearly half of all people 20 years old and younger have never purchased one of these. What is it?     A postage stamp! 

07/16/19- This was used as wallpaper cleaner before it became a toy. What is it?  Playdoh

07/15/19- You’ll find this summertime treat in 67% of American households.  What is it? Popsicle!