V103.3 Rebuild Blog!

V103.3 Rebuild Blog!

Thursday, September 13th.  A day V103.3 will never forget.  We evacuated our building because of the rising waters of Hurricane Florence.  When we were able to return, the destruction was heartbreaking.  3 feet of water.

 Our engineer worked non-stop to get us back on the air.  But, for weeks, we were unable to talk to you live every day, so we hit the streets volunteering for organizations dedicated to relief!

.Now, we’re back in a makeshift studio!  But, things will still be a little wonky for a while!  We have no phones, but we’ll have opportunities to play to win on V103.3’s Facebook page and right here at v1033.com!

Lookie there…HEADPHONES!  Max & Amy In The Morning, Colleen and Jeff Hackett are back!

This is not them…but…Colleen is in this wicked muck trio!  🙂

Came into the station today and the toilets were in what used to be our meeting room… Ya gotta go ya gotta go! ~ Max

Here is a look at our engineer’s current “office” and Computer Guy Gus has set up shop in our “break room.” We’re making the most of what we got!   

When you take 3 grown adults to Walmart to buy a plunger for our new bathrooms… “How long do you think we can drive and these stay there??”