V103.3 Rebuild Blog!

V103.3 Rebuild Blog!

Thursday, September 13th.  A day V103.3 will never forget.  We evacuated our building because of the rising waters of Hurricane Florence.  When we were able to return, the destruction was heartbreaking.  3 feet of water.

 Our engineer worked non-stop to get us back on the air.  But, for weeks, we were unable to talk to you live every day, so we hit the streets volunteering for organizations dedicated to relief!

.Now, we’re back in a makeshift studio!  But, things will still be a little wonky for a while!  We have no phones, but we’ll have opportunities to play to win on V103.3’s Facebook page and right here at v1033.com!

Lookie there…HEADPHONES!  Max & Amy In The Morning, Colleen and Jeff Hackett are back!

This is not them…but…Colleen is in this wicked muck trio!  🙂

Came into the station today and the toilets were in what used to be our meeting room… Ya gotta go ya gotta go! ~ Max

Here is a look at our engineer’s current “office” and Computer Guy Gus has set up shop in our “break room.” We’re making the most of what we got!   

When you take 3 grown adults to Walmart to buy a plunger for our new bathrooms… “How long do you think we can drive and these stay there??”

Max and Amy had a little fun with Colleen. We are using these foam boards as “doors” for now! They MIGHT have taped her in the production room…

Max made some new friends as we helped out the Jones County Animal Shelter, and Top RJs Animal Rescue and Rehab! They still need volunteers!

When we are called to help with physical labor in the building, WE HELP! It’s all hands on deck around here!

The V103 on-air studio, stripped to its bare bones,

New dry wall insertions begin to turn big spaces into individual rooms once again, including where V103 makes the magic happen!

Wires, wires everywhere!

Amy’s awesome desk.

New toy to play with…

Brand new door for the V on-air studio.  One for the men’s room, too – just no toilet.  Yet.

Baseboards are in and the floors are cleaned, sort of.  Long way to go but we’re getting there!

Putting up the primer – wonder what color the walls of the V-studio will be?

The amazing room of doors, freshly painted. Looks like an art project. 🤔

Amazing work being done in the ceiling, as well.

Painting one of the production studios.

While improvements are being made throughout the building, live broadcasts happen daily in the very-temporary (we hope) V103.3 facilities.


Today, we’re celebrating surviving 5 months of Hurricane Florence recovery! We’ve shared tears, but most importantly, lots of love and laughter and an amazing sense of community with you, our friends and neighbors in ENC. Together, we are #ENCStrong

Here are some new shots of the building! The new V103.3 studio is looking awesome! It’s bigger than the last one, and we’re just fine with that!

Check out the new and improved Lobby!

The conference room looking all business-y, ready for meetings.

The new sales cubicles. We can actually see if our sales team is here now! Hi, Al!

Max and Amy’s office! They’ve switched sides, and Amy has some sort of alien thingy on her desk. Her new friend? Check out that Britney Spears poster already on the wall, lol!